It should come as no surprise that marketing requires a whole lot of original and creative ideas. Even the simplest ad has gone through many steps to reach your computer screen– all so that second-long glance you give that pop-up ad has the greatest possible effect. Here are the biggest general steps it takes to create an ad for a marketing campaign!

1) Brand Guidelines

You might have heard of these before. Brand Guidelines make up a style guide outlining the identity of your company. This includes everything from primary and secondary color palettes to brand voice and tone! This should be the first step in any marketing campaign as all material released by the company and seen by customers should follow these rules. Consistency is key– make sure you’re leaving your audience with the right impression!

2) Visuals

Visuals can be split into three general categories: videography, photography, and graphic design. From print collateral to promo products, every image counts– the customer must associate positivity with your brand even after the point of sale. Vivid, eye-catching visuals are a great way to draw consumers’ attention and keep it! A great graphic designer can turn even stock photos into masterpieces. The work of photographers, of course, compliments graphic designers as well. There’s nothing quite like snapshots of your business, products, employees, and events to get people excited about your company! Speaking of which, videography is also incredibly engaging and entertaining. Creating training videos for employees, short animations to illustrate product instructions, and short video ads for social media are awesome ways to support your business.

3) The Writing

A picture may say a thousand words, but copywriting is where your customers will be spurred to action! Advertisement messages address your business’s target audience, convince them of the product or service’s benefit, and guide them to take action. Don’t be afraid to get picky! Everything from proper grammar to the tone of your message must be considered. That’s also when copyediting comes in– ensuring that your material is 100% accurate, clear, and engaging! Does the font fit well with the style and tone? How much space should your text take up? Does it make a clear connection to the visual? Always go back and look at your ad as a whole before finalizing your design!

4) Review and Finalize

You’re not done yet! Make sure your ad is clear, cohesive, visually appealing, and error-free. Have multiple people take a look at your design before releasing it into the world, and pay attention to small details. Every bit counts! When you’re fully satisfied with the results, finalize the design and start distributing your ad! If possible, track your audience’s response. Many social media and advertising platforms have tools to help you with this step. The creative process is never linear– there’s always something to improve!

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