Customers appreciate a sincere holiday message from those they do business with. Overall retail spending is expected to increase to $1.3 trillion for the 2023 holiday season, a 4.5% jump from 2022. Here are some tips to help you craft an effective message that sticks.

Personalize the Message

It’s best to send out a personalized holiday message you created yourself. Keep your message short and simple. Show you care by adding a personal touch to it. Focus on holiday-related buzzwords like happiness, gratitude, peace, joy, and prosperity.

The Customer Journey

You should be actively communicating with your customers all year round. There are five stages to a customer journey: awareness, consideration, decision, retention, and advocacy. Show you value them no matter where they are on the scale.

Brand Spirit

Make sure the emails you send match your brand identity and tone of voice. They will more likely be opened and enjoyed. Create holiday-themed, tasteful content and use only quality images. There are many online templates available. However, if a customer sees a similar image from a competitor, it can turn them off.

Nix the Sales Pitch

Keep the sales language out of your holiday message. Make it genuine. Focus on building a relationship with customers. Emotions connect people. Send out a positive vibe.

Focus on Customer Needs

Give your customers help and support at holiday time. If they know, like, and trust you, they will be more loyal. Brands are using private online communities to interact with customers and learn more about their needs.

Effective Holiday Messages

You don’t have to struggle to create an effective holiday message. Here are some examples to follow.

Customer Appreciation. Show your customers you value them and tell them why.

Highlight Friendship. Connect with customers by signing your holiday greeting with, “Your friends at…” It’s genuine.

Share an Experience. People love to know how you are doing. Share something with them. Be warm and thankful, especially for their business during a difficult time.

Show Personal Gratitude. Take the time to write a sincere thank you to your customers. Tell them how much they mean to you.

Personalize Your Greetings. Include your customers’ names in your greeting. Offer them an exclusive deal to show your gratitude.

Social Media Holiday Marketing

Social media channels are a valuable marketing tool. However, you must create effective content. Here’s how.

Craft Content. It’s not hard to create content, but it does take some time and planning. A content calendar can help. Tie content in with celebrations, holidays, and special events. Don’t shy away from using tools like Canva or PicMonkey to help you create visually appealing posts.

Use Emotional Appeal. The holidays are an ideal time to focus on emotions. They drive purchasing decisions. People tend to be happier around holiday time and are more likely to give.

Post Timely and Relevant Information. Take the time to post fun and festive posts to drive people’s holiday spirit. Make sure the content is relevant to your audience and industry. Don’t let a Christmas post slip through in March.

Posts are Shareable. People love to share holiday posts. Stunning visuals, a good message, and an interesting call to action can make all the difference. People tend to be very active on social media during the holidays. Take advantage of it.

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