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Advertising is the heart of marketing campaigns, and our team members are experts at making your business shine. There are so many ways to get the word out, and you can’t go wrong with a classic– direct mail advertising is personal and creative, and people tend to trust it more than they do online ads. It’s targetable, trackable, and pairs well with the digital aspects of your campaign. Can’t get enough of print advertising? Third-party options include newspapers and magazines, the latter of which is especially eye-catching and caters to highly interested audiences. Newspapers are affordable and can get your ads out more quickly than other mediums. Another budget-friendly option is using radio ads– these are particularly impactful because many people feel loyal to the radio stations they listen to regularly.

If you want to capture consumers’ attention, there’s no better way than with outdoor advertising– and yes, we’re talking about billboards! There’s a reason why NYC’s Times Square is full of them. Billboards are very prominent and always visible. They help increase brand awareness and reach a variety of customers– anyone who happens to drive past. This means you can take advantage of different locations to reach certain customer bases as well!

Speaking of brand awareness, community sponsorships are another great way to get your name out there. You can reach a target audience by sponsoring events that connect to your customer base and shape consumer attitudes towards your business. You’ll enhance relationships with your customers– and if you’re lucky, even generate media exposure!

There’s a whole online world out there, and we’re fully equipped to help you navigate it! Digital options are cost-effective, targetable, and easily changeable. Some of our favorite methods include Google Adwords, which displays your ads when people search for your product or service; Facebook advertising; Youtube ads; and cable T.V. and streaming video ads. These platforms are flexible and allow you to choose which type of audience to target and what budget is right for you. One particularly interesting method is mobile advertising– using geo-fenced targeted ads based on where an individual’s mobile device has been. You create a virtual boundary (geofence) around an area of interest, such as your business or the location of a related business, and people who enter that area will receive notifications based on your chosen ad campaign.

Our family of seasoned creative professional designers, writers, developers, and marketers live here in your neighborhood. When you work with Trembling Giant, you support the same small business community you live in. We bring the best independent services together, to do what they do best, and you get affordable marketing services that don’t compromise on quality.

Trembling Giant Marketing is based in Sykesville, Maryland, a main street community between Baltimore and Frederick in Carroll County, Maryland. We love working face-to-face with our clients as members of their community, but collaborate just as well from miles away.

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