LinkedIn B2B Marketing

  When you think of LinkedIn you probably think of a network of business professionals all having individual profiles. But businesses, too, can maintain a presence with a business page. And with that you can profit from incorporating a major social media platform into your B2B marketing plan. When visitors come to your page they
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Engaging Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the biggest opportunities for small businesses today. The challenge is to expand online reach and engage audiences beyond the standard “interruptive” advertising. To do that you have to create shareable content that is informative, entertaining and interesting. Social media applications are a great way to create shareable digital experiences that
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Create a Customer Relationships with a Weekly Blog

blog writing

A weekly blog can be an easy way to build and maintain customer relationships. When you share relevant information about your line of business – trends in your industry, product improvements, or decision making steps – you establish yourself as the expert. Your willingness to share important information “with no strings attached” demonstrates your good will
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Business Networking: The Basics

Effective business networking is the coming together of individuals to build both trust and relationships. They then become real live walking, talking advertisements for one another. Networking is about being genuine and authentic and seeing how you can help others. You don’t go to networking events to sell anything except your willingness to help other
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Got a Marketing Strategy?

Marketing Strategy

A marketing strategy is the starting point for your marketing plan. The purpose of your marketing strategy is to identify the benefits of your service or product and then communicate them to your target audience. The focus of your strategy should be making sure that your products and services meet identified customer needs and develop
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Do you have a marketing budget?

Small Biz Marketing Budget

The idea of having a budget for marketing may seem unattainable for start-ups, and even for many existing small businesses. But becoming known in the marketplace is not something to leave to chance. The good news today is, with experienced guidance marketing experimentation can be very cost-effective and approachable. There is no magic formula for
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Brand Your Small Business First

Trembling Giant Marketing was founded on the principle that independent small businesses face a nigh insurmountable barrier of reaching their audience and communicating with them in a quality and professional manner, and someone needs to build a local business that provides professional quality services at affordable prices. Branding, Marketing, and Public Relations are usually the
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