Blogging is a powerful part of any digital content marketing strategy. It can boost your brand’s online visibility, increase website traffic, and help you get more leads and sales. According to a 2022 study, out of nearly 2 billion websites around the world, over 600 million, or about one-third, have blogs.  

A HubSpot study shows video remains a top tool by marketers, but blogs are very close behind. Here are some blogging benefits businesses won’t want to miss in 2024.

Benefits of Blogging

A business that blogs has a much better chance of making connections with potential customers. It is no wonder that quality content is a top priority for 53% of marketers. It’s crucial for a business to understand the needs and values of their audience. Here are key benefits of blogging. 

It Builds Loyalty and Trust. A business that provides advice and reliable information that consumers can use will establish their expertise.  

It Increases Visibility. Blogs that answer common questions consumers have will help boost search engine optimization, or SEO. Use keywords in titles, headings, subtitles, and content to bump up a blog’s visibility.  

It Creates Brand Awareness. New and original content will help your brand stand out among the competition. Blogs that are lengthy and thorough can rank higher on SERPs, or search engine results pages. 

It Generates New Leads. Well-written blogs and quality website content will attract potential consumers.  

Blogging Drives Engagement. Quality content helps a business build relationships with new and existing customers. Blogs are a great way to educate people, provide helpful tips, and create connections. 

Helps With Understanding. Put yourself in a customer’s shoes, and you will probably understand them better. Create blogs that focus on their needs and questions.

Sharing Company News. Another great reason to have a blog is to share company news. Interviews with industry experts are also popular along with case studies showcasing how your products or services help customers. 

Content is King

The top types of content found on social media today are pieces that reflect a company’s brand values, interactive polls and games, funny and trendy stuff, relatable information, authentic ‘behind-the-scenes’ content, and educational pieces. Quality content keeps people engaged and helps businesses grow their target audience. 

How to Start a Blog

If you’re ready to get on the blogging bandwagon, here are some tips to help you begin.  

Define your topic niche. Talk about what you know best. It will build your credibility with readers. 

Research the competition. Once you pick a topic, research what your competitors are saying about it. Figure out how to create content that’s better or different from what’s already out there. 

Define your audience. Ask yourself who you are blogging for. Create a fictional ‘buyer persona’ of your ideal customer. Define where they live, their interests, age, and what issues or problems they face.

Plan your first blog post. Pick your desired topic and do a search of what’s already out there on it. Find a new angle your audience will want to read about. 

Include a call-to-action, or CTA. This refers to an action you want visitors to take, such as sign up for a newsletter. 

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