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Compelling and meaningful design makes a tremendous impact in a prospective client’s decision making. A strong visual design and brand will be clear, consistent, and create a brand-aligned emotional impact with the person experiencing it. Your brand is what others perceive of you. The only control you have is in making sure that you are portraying the brand you want.

At Trembling Giant Marketing our creative team focuses on understanding your values, your mission, and your promises, and then keeping those quintessential elements at the forefront of our creative processes. Whether we are creating stunning logos, websites, business cards, advertising, or other promotional marketing materials, we communicate your brand clearly and consistently.

Did You Know?

  • We Offer Full Creative Design and Copywriting Services?

    Our team of creative professionals provide full creative visual and copywriting services, including graphic design, writing, photography, videography, voice-over, and more! If you need creative support, we’ve got it in spades!

The Creative Process

Our creative process involves an extensive evaluation component where we seek to understand your core values, mission, vision, history, differentiators, and customer promises, to understand how we can create appropriate messaging and visuals that align with your brand accurately and consistently. 

If our clients do not have all of the answers to our questions, we help them solve those challenges. Our years of experience collaboratively developing visual brands and integrated marketing strategies gave us the sophisticated tools we need to probe the motivations and needs of your business to concept and create messaging that represents your business.

Our design team is filled with diverse specialists who have experience working in many different styles and mediums. Some are excellent at designing for the web, some are masters at information organization for books and brochures, and some have perfected the art of ads that can stand out in creative and engaging ways. The point is, whatever your need or style, we have a graphic designer that can do the best job for you.

Trembling Giant is your full-service marketing company, located in Sykesville, Maryland. We primarily serve Carroll, Frederick and Howard counties, but also have customers in other states and are prepared to work with you remotely, as needed.

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Our family of seasoned creative professional designers, writers, developers, and marketers live here in your neighborhood. When you work with Trembling Giant, you support the same small business community you live in. We bring the best independent services together, to do what they do best, and you get affordable marketing services that don’t compromise on quality.

Trembling Giant Marketing is based in Sykesville, Maryland, a main street community between Baltimore and Frederick in Carroll County, Maryland. We love working face-to-face with our clients as members of their community, but collaborate just as well from miles away.

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