Word of mouth marketing is certainly not a new marketing method, but it has been interesting to witness the growth of the practice online. While marketing practices are becoming increasingly digitized, it turns out a human element is still necessary to make meaningful connections and build an engaged audience. Here are a few thoughts to keep in mind as your try to boost your brand’s word of mouth marketing.

Reviews Matter!

One of the keys to success in 2021 is realizing that people trust each other a lot more than they do brands trying to sell them products and services. To capitalize on this, Facebook even has a built-in feature that allows users to seek recommendations from their social circles. Other platforms don’t have this feature, but you can still easily find word of mouth recommendations throughout any of your newsfeeds. Outside of our friend circles, online reviews are a great medium for prospective customers to find out about brands they might like to support. For this reason, it’s never a bad idea to invite trusted customers to leave a quick rating.

Influencers Are Playing a Larger Role Than Ever

The surge in influencer marketing really highlights the effectiveness of word-of-mouth marketing online. Influencers with a steady following effectively build social proof for products by recommending them to their audience. These days, many businesses work with influencers directly as part of their marketing efforts. However, you don’t necessarily have to partner with one! Providing a consistent, top notch customer experience increases your odds of being noticed by one organically.

Likes Shouldn’t Be Your Only Goal!

Likes on social media are a sign that your audience is engaged by your content. However, they should not be your only benchmark for a successful post. In order to boost your word-of-mouth marketing, consider including language like, “How has [your product] made your day easier?” at the end of posts. The key is to actively try to prompt an organic conversation surrounding your brand.

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