Why Do We Put Blogs on Our Websites?

Why Do We Put Blogs On Our Website

In 2020, most businesses have well designed websites that offer a refined browsing experience. These days, you have to do a little more to truly separate yourself from the competition. A great way to do that is to supplement your site with an active blog. If you don’t have one of your own yet, it’s never too late to start! Once your blogs get some traction, you’ll realize that keeping it active comes with a host of benefits for your business!

Blogs Increase Traffic

If you develop blogs that provide value to your audience, you’ll start to see your audience grow! This is because you’re effectively strengthening your site’s SEO strategy when you publish keyword rich blogs. As you continue to publish content, you’ll notice your search engine rankings climb as a result.  When this happens, an influx of organic traffic will likely start to appear on your site. 

Improve Internal Linking

When you have an active blog, directing your visitors to the important pages of your site becomes a breeze. Want to give your visitors an easy way to contact you? You can easily link your contact page in each of your posts. As you continue to publish more posts, you’ll even be able to reference and link relevant older blog posts in your new content.

Bolster Your Social Media

Generating fresh ideas to engage your social media audience can be quite difficult at times. An active blog can take a lot of that pressure off. Each time you create a new blog, you can easily share it to each of your social media accounts for added exposure. Plus, you may even find that your audience shares your posts on their social media pages as well.

Demonstrate Value to Your Customers

If you start a blog, be sure to remember that it is the perfect platform to establish yourself as an expert in your field. This is a great opportunity for you to have the floor and explain the value of your products and services. Remember that each of your posts should come off as a genuine help to your customers, however. It’s hard to maintain consistent levels of interest with content that comes across as “salesy”. If your audience finds your content interesting and helpful, they may even join your newsletter list as a means to stay in the loop with more of your content.

Need a Hand Help Developing Your Blogs? Trembling Giant Can Help!

Trembling Giant Marketing, LLC has experienced brand development specialists in our business family that can help you use social media platforms and blogs to engage with your customers and their network of friends. Contact us today for a free consultation.

Check out some of our clients who we develop blogs for, like Will-Air LLC, Freedom Insurance, Excel Fence and Deck, Lodestar Advisors, and Peak PowerWash!

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