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The All Seasons Collection

Like everyone, Wade Forbes and Megan Jaffer met at a time in their lives where they were focused on being great partners to their spouses, great parents to their kids, and succeeding at their career, among many other things. They happily shared these moments of success with each other over coffee. But…like often happens in life, the time of recalling rewarding moments and exchanges quickly dissipated due to the pace and sheer volume of other things that got in the way of those memories.

They invite you to alter this trend and embark on a journey of excitement, reflection, and to practice the act of capturing happiness…all the little things that add up to something great. Imagine what would happen on your worst day if you could open to a page that reminded you of your best? How would it feel to know that you can literally string all the good days together as often as you need to? This journal is the place to begin.

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All The Small Things

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A very special note about an Autumn Journal issue from the author and illustrator:

Day 564. How we handle our mistakes is how we’ll be remembered.

The color version of my fall journal arrived yesterday. My good friend dropped off the boxes, we carried them inside, and then we toasted to how much joy this project brings us.

A short while later while sitting in my office, I held all four seasons in my hand and noticed something wrong on the spine of the latest journal. Look closely at the picture below. Instead of saying, “90 Days To Write Your Way to Winter: the Autumn Journal” it said Autumn (again).

For a brief moment, I was not sure what to do. I entertained some disappointment, but then something really amazing happened. I fully embraced my mistake.

Some will say, “Wade, I would not have noticed unless you told me.” To which I would reply, “There is a lesson in this though.”

I’ve been drawing daily quotes for 18 months. You have seen proverbs from all over the world, quotes from famous people in history, and most importantly, reminders to go easy on yourself.

When your buy your journal (hint hint), turn to these pages and you’ll find:

pg 20 – The world does not reward perfectionists. It rewards people who get things done.

spg 106 – Shame says that because I am flawed, I am unacceptable. Grace says that though I am flawed, I am cherished.

pg 136 – If you wished to be loved, show more of your faults than your virtues.

pg 164 – To be creative, lose the fear of being wrong.

pg 172 – Never confuse a single defeat with a final defeat.

pg 176 – I will hold myself to a standard of grace.

As you can see, I’ve been preparing for this challenge from the very beginning. I could not have said or written this 563 days ago because I hadn’t grown or reflected enough. Somewhere along the way I messed up because WE ARE SUPPOSED TO MESS UP.

So bring me your flaws. Put them down in a place that is safe so you can let yourself off the hook. Be exactly who you are publicly and privately otherwise it’s going to catch up to you one way or the other.

I’ve already enhanced your journal a bit with a few extra pen strokes and now it’s your turn to see who you really are.

-Wade Forbes

Just in time for the holiday season! Local artist and illustrator Wade Forbes has prepared a special deal on gifting a whole year of his journals. The journals are based on his wildly popular inspirational daily quote illustrations. His quote illustrations can be found in classrooms, coffee shops, restaurants, bars, churches, conference rooms, hospitals, and more – and posted on LinkedIn and Instagram since March of 2020. For years, Wade has been spreading his own brand of positivity through the quotes he illustrates and shares. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Wade has taken the daily act of illustrating hope for himself and his family and shared it with a wider audience. Ounces of hope spread a little each day that has made all the difference. Wade’s social platform followers and quote requests have tripled since the beginning of these daily offerings.

90 Days to Write Your Way: The All Seasons Collection, is a set of all four of Wade’s publications. Readers are treated to a collection of his illustrations to use as a guide to dream, doodle, and draw. Get in touch with your soul a little more each day. Be better in each moment, one pen stroke at a time…a little bit of self-care we all need now more than ever.

A perfect gift for yourself and your friends, give the gift of hope and shop small for a full-color version right here.

See excerpts from the book in color:

90 Days to Write Your Way to Summer: The Spring Journal and 90 Days to Write Your Way to Spring: The Winter Journal and its related illustrations are one of the many offerings from RedTale Communications, LLC, a creative services microbusiness.