Think Traditional Marketing is Disappearing? Think Again!

Modern advertising tactics are common for a reason, they provide live performance metrics. Live metrics and detailed reporting create a sense of accomplishment because you can see the engagement with your marketing happening; while traditional marketing often cannot be measured well until you get your results. Things like social media campaigns, active blogs, and a site designed with SEO in mind are sure to bolster any business’ online presence, but so can traditional marketing efforts. With all of these new marketing methods popping up all the time, we wouldn’t blame anyone for forgetting that traditional marketing is still a great way to bring attention to your business, sometimes it can even be a better way.

Advantages of Traditional Marketing

Reach Your Local Audience with Ease

When you are looking to gain some traction locally for your business, traditional marketing is definitely an avenue worth exploring. It is simpler to reach a geographically widespread consumer base with digital marketing. However, expect a lot of local attention if your business rolls out a smart traditional marketing campaign. One of the greatest online marketing traps that small businesses fall into is the volume of online marketing needed to make an effective impact over a large region. For small businesses, starting with a local focus can build up consumer trust through repetition and increased visibility. 

Physical Representation

After you scroll past an ad on social media, it may be the last time you ever see it. Physical marketing materials have as much as 9x the user dwell time as digital ones. When you weight the impact of print advertisements with the visibility compared to digital marketing the ROI in traditional media shines through. Business signage is effective for similar reasons. You can target ads on social media, but they may be simply glossed over by viewers. A series of physical signs, however, is there to stay as a representation of your message, and direct mail and publication advertisements can give you a lasting and more personal impression.


Do you remember the last video advertisement you saw while you were browsing the web? If you’re like most people, you probably do not. In fact, it’s more likely that you were focused on the timer and waiting for it to reach 0 so you could skip the ad and move onto the content you actually came for. Traditional marketing lasts for more than an instant and there is time for actual memories of the advertisement to form.


Digital marketing is incredibly effective when targeting younger generations. If you want your business to appeal to a widespread age range, consider adding traditional solutions into your marketing repertoire. Simply put, traditional marketing methods are more familiar to older generations, and you can expect them to be more effective as a result.

Get Expert Digital and Traditional Marketing from Trembling Giant Marketing

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