In today’s digital-central world, your website is often the first aspect of your business customers will see. Make a lasting first impression by connecting with viewers through personal touches and points unique to you. This connection is one of the most important distinguishing factors between small, locally-owned businesses and large corporations, so make it count!


Emphasize people-based operations by sharing the names of your team. If applicable, you can even list specific contact information for each staff member. For example: “Contact Laura at for event planning information!”

If your team is comfortable, invite them to share a few short facts about themselves to create a personalized staff directory. You never know what readers might have in common, and this is a quick way to highlight the personable nature of your operations. Show potential customers who they’d be working with and take the first step towards establishing consumer-provider relationships.


Big, faceless corporations’ biggest problem is just that– the lack of faces to put to the name. Your business is open, trustworthy, and relatable, so show customers that by including photos of your team, space, projects, products, and more. Pair visual examples with your claims for authenticity and design appeal. Pictures are also more eye-catching than blocks of text, and grab viewers’ attention more easily. Even if other businesses provide the same general service as yours, your company is unique for the way you operate and interact with the community.


Let the people speak! There’s no better endorsement than that of your own customers. It may be hard to place full trust in an unfamiliar service provider, but recommendations from other consumers make the decision much easier. Let your audience speak to what impresses them most about your business and discover what factors they feel are key. This is a great way to learn about your operation’s strengths and weaknesses as well. Don’t be afraid to respond to negative reviews as well as positive ones– listening to constructive criticism and working to serve your customers is much more telling than trying to appear perfect.

Blogs and Socials

The internet isn’t just here for information. Use your online platform to connect directly with customers! Link your social media pages on your website in an easily visible area and invite browsers to explore the material. On a similar note, make sure to include a Contact page as well. Getting in touch with a representative should be a smooth process for every customer– there’s little benefit in a community-centered business if the personnel are unreachable.

Lastly, a great way to show personal commitment to customers is through a blog (like this one!). Share helpful tips and tricks, new resources, and news within your field to build a conversation with viewers. Blogs are also a great way to increase traffic on your website.

Small businesses are the best, and we love being a part of that community. Show customers why they should shop local by adding personal touches to your company website. It’s the small things that add up to the biggest differences!

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