You’ve gotten your brand name out there. Your target audience has heard of your product, and they want to know more. The first thing they’ll do is head to their phone and look up your business’s website– and with high-quality web design, their interest will only grow from there!

Who Are You?

The basic question every customer has in mind when researching your company is who your business is. As you work to design your website, ask yourself this question regularly. The identity of your business defines your brand guidelines and, by extension, the contents of your website. No matter what message or tone you want to convey, it should be rooted in honesty, friendliness, professionalism, integrity, responsibility, trust, and of course, positivity. A negative first impression can cause your business to lose a consumer’s interest forever– and a positive one can be the start of decades-long loyalty.

Why Should They Invest in You?

Your website has two main purposes: informing customers about your business and its offerings, and convincing them your product/service is one they don’t want to miss. The balance between informative and engaging is the marketing sweet spot! Convince viewers that supporting your business is worth their time and money. Communicate why you offer a better experience than your competitors and provide evidence to your integrity. A gallery of products and successful past projects along with a section featuring customer reviews will help with this! Ask yourself what makes your business stand out.

What Should They Do Now?

Calls to action aren’t just for advertisements! Your website should be a one-stop shop for information about your company. Include a link to your blog, social media pages, contact information, address, and a description of what your business is about. Any general information customers might need– such as your menu if you serve food or drinks, or a link to your online store if you have one– should be included. Just make sure that all of this information is organized neatly! This helps with the visual appeal of your website and keeps customers from being smacked in the face with a wall of small-print text. Have multiple clearly-marked tabs for different sections and a logical system of organization.

The Approach

Most of them go without saying, but there are several crucial ideas to keep in mind. Once again, keep to your brand guidelines! Follow the same rules you would if you were designing an ad. Keep things organized, concise, and visually appealing. Make sure your website is easy to navigate no matter how tech-savvy a user might be and update your site regularly so all the information is up to date. Another tip: hiring a graphic designer is a great way to ensure your website is the best that it can be. A talented designer can bring your website from good to great!

Let’s Get Started!

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