Email sequences are an effective way to build and market your business. Email marketing can pay off in big ways and has a very high ROI. Here’s why it needs to be a key part of your business growth strategy. 

Using an email sequence has many advantages. A main one is they nurture leads and promote sales. Email sequences can increase customer retention and engagement. They are highly scalable, allowing you to set up an automation that does the hard work for you. You can also offer discounts to customers to get them off the fence.

Types of Email Sequences

There are two types of email sequences.

A trigger-based email is sent out when a person takes a particular action. Triggers can include browsing behavior, subscribing to your list, shopping cart abandonment, content engagement, and buying a product.

A time-based email sequence sends out emails at set time intervals. Examples are right after opt-in, 30 days after purchase, or on the anniversary of subscribing.

Email Sequence Steps

There are five key emails that are included in an email sequence. The welcome email, onboarding, abandoned cart, repeat customers, and re-engagement.

Welcome Email Sequence. This method has an average open rate of 50%. The welcome sequence includes 4-6 emails. You need to build trust with your contacts and help them before you ask for a sale. Each email should focus on a specific topic. Here is what they should contain.

Initial welcome email. Also known as the ‘dinner party email’, it gives people a warm welcome followed by a list of expectations. For instance, how many emails they will get and when.

Onboarding email. This message gives people information, keeps them engaged, and ultimately gets them to buy. Examples include starting a trial, trying a product, or booking an appointment. The emails should be personalized, highlight benefits, and explain the customer journey.

Abandoned cart email. According to statistics, nearly 70% of online shoppers abandon their shopping cart. This means only 3 in 10 customers who fill their shopping carts actually check out. Businesses stand to lose as much as $18 billion in yearly sales revenue from this practice.

Reminder emails are key in order to recover some of this lost money. The first one should go out 24 hours after a person abandoned their cart. A second email, addressing possible objections, should be sent out 48 hours later. The third email, issued after 72 hours has passed, should offer the customer an incentive like a discount.

Repeat customer emails. These clients are extremely important and can bring in almost a quarter of your revenue. Check in with your customers 2-3 days after they make a purchase. Send a second email four days later that contains useful information, such as product recommendations or a recent article.

Re-engagement emails. The goal of these emails is to win customers back. They are sent out 30-60 days after a client’s last interaction with your brand. You only need to send out two or three to remind people to take action.

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