A small business that wants to grow can greatly benefit from influencer marketing. This is a type of social media marketing that uses endorsements and product mentions from influencers. They have a large social media following and the public trusts their recommendations.

According to statistics, 50% of Millennials trust product recommendations from influencers, as opposed to 38% for products recommended by celebrities. In addition, 92% of marketers believe that influencer marketing is effective.

Let’s dive into how a business can benefit from influencer marketing.

Types of Influencers

Some social media influencers have large audiences, while others focus on a smaller crowd. Larger is not necessarily better, depending on the type of business you have. Let’s take a look at four types of influencers.

Mega or Celebrity Influencers

These influencers have more than one million followers and include famous actors, athletes, musicians, and public figures. Mega influencers are best used by large enterprise corporations, brands targeting a broad audience, and high-end brands.


They have a following ranging from 100,000 to one million. Macro-influencers are well known within their respective niches. Brands that may work with macro-influencers include startups seeking rapid exposure, non-profit organizations looking to raise funds, and hotels and airlines targeting a specific but large audience.


These individuals have a strong presence on specific platforms like Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok. Micro-influencers captivate a niche, passionate audience and are less expensive than larger influencers. Studies show they have a 60% higher engagement rate than macro-influencers.


They have fewer than 10,000 followers but are strongly connected with their audience. Nano-influencers are best for smaller businesses who want to target specific communities and demographics at a reasonable cost. These include artisan, home-based, and specialty food businesses.

How to Use an Influencer

We want to get the most for our marketing dollar. If using a social media influencer tops your list, here’s how to get the most bang for your buck.

Set Your Goals

A majority of brands use influencer marketing to expand their target audience. Increasing brand awareness and driving sales follow. Determine how your plan fits into your overall social media marketing strategy. Set measurable goals and keep track of them.

Target Market

Determine who you are trying to influence. Once you define an audience, reach out to them with the right tools and the right influencers. Developing audience personas is key to understanding your target market.

The Three R’s

Relevance, reach, and resonance are crucial to the art of influencing. You want to share content that is relevant to your audience and industry. Reach is the number of followers an influencer has that may be interested in your product. Resonance is the potential level of engagement an influencer can create for your brand.

How to Find Influencers

There are certain qualities you should look for in an influencer. Here are some of them.

The best influencers are likable people. They are pleasant and get along with others. Good influencers have passion. They genuinely care about their audience. An influencer should actively engage with their audience, no matter the size. A good influencer is authentic and builds trust. They’re honest with their audience and aren’t afraid to give their truthful opinion about a brand, product, or service.

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