How to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

Find your target audience on social media

One of the most critical things that every business must know is who their target audience is. If you make a product that appeals to grandparents but you are marketing towards singles in their 20s, your marketing dollars are not being spent properly or efficiently. Finding your target audience on social media can take practice. It is the X-factor that separates the best businesses from those that struggle to succeed.

What Is a Target Audience?

Your target audience on social media is the people who you would like to become your loyal customers and brand enthusiasts. A target audience can be very specific and include factors like income level, age, gender, job title or industry, education background, behavior or location. The right target audience should consist of people who your product appeals to and who you want to align your brand with.

How to Find Your Target Audience on Social Media

Once you define who your target audience is, you can create buyer personas. Who do you want your customers to be? Many of the most high-profile companies have detailed buyer personas that show exactly who their customers are. What are their pain points? Will they spend $500 for your product or $50? What other stores do they shop at? These factors can be rolled over into creating your target audience for social media campaigns and advertising.

Pay attention to which social platforms your audience uses. If you spend thousands trying to reach your target audience but use the wrong platform, you could be wasting money. Platforms like Instagram appeal more to younger users, while Facebook can be great for reaching people over the age of 40.

You can also utilize your existing customers to help find your target audience on social media. Survey your customers to ask what apps they use, which influencers they follow, what blogs they read, and where they spend their time on social media. You might be surprised. Some of your loyal customers might not know you have a social media presence!

Once you have your audience defined, you are in great shape to create a meaningful partnership with a professional digital marketing company like Trembling Giant Marketing! We design amazing digital marketing campaigns. Directly reach your target audience through social media and grow your brand.

Find Your Audience With Help from Trembling Giant Marketing

At Trembling Giant Marketing, we specialize in helping businesses of every size reach their targeted audiences through compelling marketing. Learn more about our services and how we can take your business to the next level. Call us at (410) 925-2454 for a free consultation.

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