About The My County Direct Promotional Offer Campaign

My Carroll Direct© and My Howard Direct© are LOCAL promotional offer direct mail campaigns with advertising regions in Carroll County and Howard County Maryland, with a twist. We additionally promote advertisers via the web, optimized for mobile devices, at www.MyCarrollDirect.com, and through Facebook at www.facebook.com/mycarrolldirect.

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Each month, we mail approximately 100,000 books to households throughout Carroll County and Howard County Maryland; approximately 10,000 books in each region with 7 regions in Carroll (Sykesville, Eldersburg, Westminster, Mount Airy, Finksburg, Taneytown, and Hampstead/Manchester) and 3 regions in Howard (Lisbon, West Ellicott City, Central Ellicott City).

Also, we promote advertiser offers via Facebook with custom, organic, social media messaging meant to engage the community.

The mobile-optimized website makes it easy for shoppers in the community to access and search for businesses and special offers on the go.

Even better still, advertisers can change their message and promotional offer each month with custom designed promotions.

Advertising begins at $125 for a 1/2 page print ad in one region for one month.

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Media Kit Brochure: My County Direct

My Carroll Direct Regions

Currently, My Carroll Direct is open in 7 regions marked in the map above. Each region is composed of approximately 10,000 homes and businesses and is focused around a specific commercial area of the county.

Region 1 – Sykesville
Region 2 – Mt.Airy
Region 3 – Eldersburg
Region 4 – Westminster Main
Region 5 – Finksburg/Westminster 
Region 6 – Taneytown/Westminster
Region 7 – Manchester/Hampstead 

My Howard Direct Regions

Currently, My Howard Direct is open in 4 regions marked in the map above (regions 1 through 4). Each region is composed of approximately 10,000 homes and businesses and is focused around a specific residential and commercial areas of the county.

1 – Lisbon – 21771 (Mt. Airy), 21797 (Lisbon), 21784 (Sykesville), 21723 (Cooksville), 21794 (West Friendship) , 21738 (Glenwood), 21737 (Glenelg), 21036 (Dayton)
2 – West Ellicott City – 21042 (Ellicott City), 21104 (Marriottsville), 21163 (Woodstock)
3 – Central Ellicott City – 21042 (Ellicott City)
4 – Northeast Ellicott City (Coming soon) – 21043 (Ellicott City)
5 – Southeast Ellicott City (Coming soon) – 21043 (Ellicott City)
6 – Coming Soon… – (will eventually be segmented into 9 additional regions)

My Carroll Direct has been a fixture in Carroll County since August of 2016, but It began much earlier than that, with a Community Business Directory called MBD Maryland Business Directory, which was started in 2004 by Amy Giannakoulias, Partner and co-owner of Trembling Giant Marketing. My County Direct was designed as an evolution of the direct mail marketing product that was MBD Maryland.

Local, small businesses were looking for affordable, targetable, and frequent advertising opportunities; large national brands are dominating the space with inflated costs and low quality; that is where My Carroll Direct steps in. Our publications feature local businesses over national brands; our magazine format is more accessible and looked at than competitor publications delivered in envelopes; our high quality paper and hot press offset printing process produces superior color and detail to our low-end and newsprint quality competitors; and we are a home-grown central maryland business, growing with and supporting other local small businesses within the communities we serve. All reasons why your regionally focused business should make My County Direct one of the first solutions you choose for marketing your business to your community.

My County Direct is owned, managed, designed, produced, and distributed by Trembling Giant Marketing, a Carroll County local small business. It is focused on supporting and promoting other local small businesses. The design quality is professional, the print quality is superior, and it delivers for local businesses like clockwork. Whether you are looking to improve your brand marketing or your direct marketing, My County Direct nails them both!

My Carroll Direct Regions
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