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About My County Direct

My County Direct© is a LOCAL coupon mailer with advertising regions in Carroll and Howard County, with a twist. We share coupons via the web, optimized for mobile devices, at and, and through Facebook at and

Each month, we mail 60,000 books to households throughout Carroll County and Howard County; 15,000 books in each region with 4 regions:Sykesville/Eldersburg, Westminster/Finksburg, Western Ellicott City/Cooksville/West Friendship, and Western Columbia.

Also, we share advertiser coupons via Facebook which currently average between 4,000 and 10,000 additional views.

The mobile-optimized website makes it easy for shoppers in the community to access and search for coupons on the fly.

Even better still, advertisers can change their message and offer each month with custom designed promotions.

We currently offer 2 regions in Carroll County: Sykesville/Eldersburg and Westminster/Finksburg; and 1 region in Howard County: Western Ellicott City. Each regional mailing goes to 15,000 single family homes. You may advertise in one region for $225 OR multiple regions for $200 per region.

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Here is a link to our Sales Sheet for My Howard Direct: My Howard Direct
Here is a link to our Sales Sheet for My Carroll Direct: My Carroll Direct

September 2018 Issues

See our September issues via the images and links below to experience both the design quality of our in-house creative team and the size and look of the content.

Our first issue mailed out on Friday, August 12th, 2016.

My Howard Direct September 2018
West Columbia Edition

My Howard Direct September 2018
West Ellicott City Edition

Call Us 410-925-2454
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