It’s no secret that we’ve all been hit hard by the pandemic– especially small businesses. With in-person events and interactions made incredibly more complicated, it can be tempting to throw in the towel and wait for this all to be over. But with a few tweaks to your marketing strategy, your business can thrive. Even with vaccinations on the rise, we have a long way to go still before we’re in the clear; our advice for marketing during the pandemic is also just good advice for marketing your business.

Prioritize Your Customers

It’s true that shared troubles can bring people together (even if “together” has to be virtual!). This is the time to show your current customers that you appreciate their business. You’ve likely had to cancel, postpone, or modify certain events that people might have pre-paid for, and while the loss of that money is regrettable, refunding customers will pay off in the long run. Be patient and understanding, and try to work with customers whenever possible to find solutions to their problems. You’re in a tough situation, and they’ll appreciate your generosity when you can give it! Remember– when you support your loyal customers, they’ll support you as well.

Secondly, ask your customers what they want and need from your business! Taking consumer input will help you identify new problems and find creative solutions. Your customer satisfaction will get a boost, and they’ll remember your support in the future! It’s never a bad time to connect with your customers.

Take Advantage of Virtual Marketing

If you weren’t using digital platforms before, you definitely are now. The past year has forced us all to take a crash course in everything from Zoom call etiquette to virtual presentations! The upside to all the extra time you’re spending online is that your customers are online as well. This means digital advertising is more visible than ever! Certain companies have also begun to thrive during the pandemic, especially those offering online courses, as demand shoots up. Seeking out sponsorships and partnerships with such companies can give your business a big boost– and may open up a field of possibilities you haven’t considered before.

Consider investing in paid social media advertising, especially on Facebook and Instagram. Social media isn’t getting any less popular, and folks are spending more and more time on their networks. Keep your business at the front of your audience’s mind with consistent advertising messages and visuals.

Prioritize and Evaluate What Works

Learn what works and what doesn’t with your audience! As mentioned before, it’s a good idea to seek feedback from your customers about what works well and what might need adjusting. Operating during a pandemic is new territory for us all, but it’s also a good time to take a step back and evaluate your strategies. Test out some new ideas, learn from errors and improvements alike, and you might even find a method you’ll keep beyond COVID-19! Some companies have realized that employees telecommuting to work is more efficient and convenient, and others plan to keep some virtual protocols in place. Find what works for your business and go with it!

Take Time to Improve

Did your business have an online presence before the pandemic? Do you have an organized, appealing website? What about an online store? A regular organic social media presence? Even without a global quarantine, society is moving online at a swift rate. Don’t get left behind– print and in-person marketing and business operations will always remain crucial, but the digital landscape is here to stay.

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