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When you think of LinkedIn you probably think of a network of business professionals all having individual profiles. But businesses, too, can maintain a presence with a business page. And with that you can profit from incorporating a major social media platform into your B2B marketing plan. When visitors come to your page they can choose to follow your brand and every time you publish an update followers will get notified in their news feed. They can interact with your brand by choosing to like the content, comment on it, or share it with their network of other professionals, all right there in the notifications without ever having to visit the business page itself.

Here are some tips for making the most of your company’s LinkedIn presence.

LinkedIn Business Page — a Content Machine

One effective strategy for any successful B2B marketing plan is generating a steady stream of authoritative, trustworthy, engaging content that speaks directly to your target audience. This is crucial for inbound marketing because you want to show up in front of prospective clients when they’re searching for the kinds of solutions, skills, experience, products and services that your company provides. And LinkedIn has established itself as a vast storehouse such data for all kinds of industries and specialties. It’s no wonder that’s where those business people will look first!

Knowing that, your company’s LinkedIn business page demands the same level attention and compelling content as its main website’s homepage. Here’s where you can tell your company’s story, explain what you can do to help your visitors optimize their own enterprises, and provide links to your main website. Voila! You lead them right into your online sales funnel. But that page can also do much more, both for establishing credibility and for SEO, too. LinkedIn is the perfect place to post company news, blog articles, requests for information, special offerings and product/service updates. Keep them coming and they will keep your brand in front of your audience and make you more attractive to the major search engines as well

Linkedin Individual Pages – a Scale Enhancer

LinkedIn individual pages are just as important as your business page. They also play a critical role in establishing and underscoring your company’s online authority as an industry powerhouse. Use them to help colleagues, clients, prospects and competitors alike to recognize your employees’ skills, talent, and experience. You will want to make sure that every member of your core team has a well-written, frequently-updated LinkedIn page, complete with the pertinent keywords that will get you noticed by the right businesses in the course of their online searches. You can also increase the scale of your company’s LinkedIn presence by linking all your employee pages back to your central business page.

So don’t underestimate the power and reach of a LinkedIn business page. It should be a part of your marketing plan, whatever the size of your company.

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