We’ve all experienced salespeople that are pros at sealing the deal. Customers love them and buy from them. Others, however, just can’t seem to get going.  What does it take to be a sales rock star? Here are some tips to get you started.

Know Your Customer

Identify the needs of your customer and how your product or service can meet them. Once their pain points have been identified, find people that are a good fit for what you have to offer. Don’t waste time with those who aren’t in your ideal customer profile.

Find Qualifying Leads

These people can make purchasing decisions and are ready to buy. Develop an ideal customer profile to find them. Identify the best industries for your product, know the location of your audience, define a company size and revenue range, and list the job titles of your ideal customer.

Start a Conversation

After you identify a lead, verify their email address. Craft a brief email to send to them. It should include an interest-generating call to action that isn’t a sales pitch. You want your potential client to react positively and schedule a call.

Highlight Product Benefits

Show a potential customer the benefits of using your product. Don’t sell them on its features. They want to see the results of using your product and how it solves their problem.

A Sense of Urgency

Give your prospect a nudge by developing a sense of urgency. It creates a reason for them to move forward with a purchase. Offer a limited time discount or another perk that will play into their fear of missing out (FOMO).

Sales Objections

Prepare to respond to sales objections people have. Common ones include a lack of time or money, no urgent need for your product, or expense. Be confident in your answers to their concerns. The prospect often wants to move ahead, but something is stopping them.

Sales Closing Techniques

There are good methods available to help you seal the deal. Here are some of the more common sales closing techniques you can use.

Scarcity Close

This approach hones in on the prospect’s FOMO, or fear of missing out. If you know they are interested in what you are offering, this can help them get off the fence. Offer them a discounted price that will soon expire. Let them know inventory is low. If you are offering a service, tell them the date they want is in high demand.

Summary Close

This technique works well if your prospect is weighing offers from other vendors. When you are wrapping up, summarize the benefits of your product, such as price, features, availability, and how it can solve their pain points. Repeating the benefits can help the prospect visualize what your package offers.

The Assumptive Close

This popular method works well if you are 100% sure your potential client is ready to buy. You assume the sale is inevitable and your mindset is positive. This type of close summarizes the details, such as quantity and delivery date. Be assertive, but not too pushy, or you may scare your prospect away.

Sharp Angle Close

Prospects may hold out for extra perks or a deeper discount at closing time. Be prepared and ready to negotiate. This method can be very effective if you agree to meet the prospect’s request but require them to close the deal immediately. This works best if you have a decision-making position.

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