Congratulations– you’ve done it! Finished your manuscript, revised until your mind is swimming with words, and edited so much you don’t know the difference between “your” and “you’re” anymore. But the work doesn’t stop there, it’s time to launch your self-published book! Without good marketing, your book may never see the light of day beyond your own shelf. You’ve worked hard, and now is the time to share your masterpiece with the world!


Create A Website For Your Self-Published Book

The very first step you need to take when marketing your self-published book is creating your own website. When people hear about your book, they need somewhere to go to learn more about you! Make sure your site is organized, visually appealing, and easy to navigate. This is where graphic designers come in! You’ll need to include some background information about yourself, a picture of you, contact information, your social media handles, a way to purchase your book, and finally, information about the book itself! Provide a summary, interesting excerpts, and reviews if you have them. Now is the time to get people excited about your work!

You should also feature your book’s cover on your website. As the literal face of your marketing campaign, the cover should look as creative and eye-catching as possible! This is what will catch the attention of bookstore browsers and internet scrollers. Make sure your cover gives an enticing look at what your book is about and complements your title well. With that said, your title shouldn’t be too shabby either! Having a professional cover design done is a more expensive choice, but it’s one that will set your book apart and pay off well in the long run. All types of readers, no matter their age or tastes, are more likely to purchase a book featuring an engrossing, professional cover.


Getting the Word Out

There are millions of self-published books on the market, especially on sites like Amazon that allow authors to self-publish their work easily. But if you get some respected bloggers and reviewers to vouch for your book, readers are far more likely to invest in your work. Take advantage of all the connections you’ve made in the literary world. Now is the time to be bold– approach every viable reviewer you can to ask if they’d be willing to read your work! Reach out to prominent bloggers who concentrate on books like yours and gather as many reviews as you can to show your book is of good quality.


Email List

Remind readers that your book is out there and on the market! Keep interested customers up to date on developments with your book and future works. Offer giveaways and contests for email list members or in exchange for a user signing up. Sharing news regularly with your customer base will keep them interested and help you develop relationships with your readers!


Social Media

Your website may be invaluable, but social media is where you really get the chance to connect with your audience. Whether you decide to use paid advertising or just an organic social media presence, these platforms are a fantastic way to market your self-published book. Use this as a chance to develop your brand as an author and establish relationships with readers! It’s incredibly rewarding to connect with those who love your book, and you’ll be able to see your hard work pay off. Social media is one of the best ways to get your novel in front of readers, especially if you create a hashtag surrounding it. You can also use it as another way to keep readers updated on any news. Promote yourself and maintain an active online presence to boost readership– and maybe even start a fanbase!


Involve Your Local Bookstore

Many locally-owned bookstores love to support local authors, just as much as you probably love to support them! Host promotional events like signings and giveaways through your local bookstore to get the word out where you live. Those who are a part of your community are more likely to support you and your work, and it’s always good to help out local businesses!


Ready To Get Started For Your Self-Published Book?

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