It’s easy to get excited over a new product and quickly bring it to market. However, moving too fast can lead to pitfalls. Here are some common mistakes businesses make and how to fix them.

The Wrong Customers

Successful entrepreneurs can get so excited about their cool new invention they forget to target the right customers. A business must define who their target market is to have a successful marketing strategy. Don’t make the mistake of trying to sell to everyone or you may be disappointed. Figure out what your customer wants, needs, and cares about.

Not Tracking Results

Detailed tracking of marketing campaigns is extremely important. You want to make sure your marketing dollars are being effectively spent.

No Clear Goal

Marketing campaigns must have a clear focus. Creating content without a larger goal in mind won’t serve you well. Every piece that’s created should support your overall content strategy. Make sure you have a documented content strategy to follow. Entrepreneurs who have a vague strategy and ‘just wing it’ will come up empty handed. You must have cohesive content that resonates with your target audience.

Weak Content

Don’t create content that’s all about your brand and making a sale. A good campaign connects with people. It provides valuable content that is educational, entertaining, or inspiring. Use empathy. Think about who you’re trying to reach, what problems they have, and their desires.

Too Much Content

Focus on creating quality content. If you produce too much, your pieces will likely lack quality. Invest in a high-value evergreen piece that you can use for multiple campaigns. Tailor your content for each channel and group of people you are trying to reach. Consider using micro-content. It consists of short, bite-sized pieces that a social media audience can quickly digest.  

Poor Timing

A timely campaign has more impact and reach. Tie it in with the holidays, social or seasonal events, news stories, or company milestones. Publications and influencers may feature you and increase your reach. Make sure you allow enough time for them to promote your event.

Burn Out

Don’t try to do it all. Your message may get lost if you tell too many stories or produce difficult content you don’t have the skills to do. A smaller piece of quality content that’s well produced will have a greater impact.

Utilize Other Avenues

Small businesses can fail to get their message out if they ignore other available options. Here are some to consider.

A consistent blog. Companies that have an active blog on their website get more traffic and attract more leads. The content can also be repurposed and shared on different social media channels.

Take advantage of email and texting. An email marketing campaign can help you build a large subscriber base. Sending out regular emails and text messages to people on your list will keep your brand fresh in their minds.

Use social media channels. Social media is free to use and lets you reach a wide audience. Opportunities are missed when businesses don’t know their audience, ignore the competition, and fail to engage with followers. Expand your reach by posting regularly. Make sure you craft fresh content regularly to keep your audience interested.

Don’t forget SEO. Search engine optimization is key if you want to reach the right audience. SEO makes your website more visible, brings in more traffic, and creates more opportunities to convert prospects into customers. Pay attention to long-tail keywords as well. They will narrow down your target market and attract the people you want to reach.

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