If you are creating a logo, or rebranding your company, selecting the right colors is crucial. Colors convey meaning and have emotions tied to them. They influence our behavior and decision-making as well. Choose the right color palette for your brand by following a few simple steps.

Keep it Simple

Research has shown our minds judge a product in just 90 seconds, and up to 90% of that assessment is based on color alone. Hues can also increase brand recognition by 80%. Choose your colors wisely.

You don’t have to use just one color. Choose two or three colors to highlight the unique qualities of your brand. Colors can also emphasize your wide range of products or services. Stay focused on the feeling, mood and image that you want your brand to create.

Define Your Brand

Highly effective palettes have three main elements. The base color is the brand’s most dominant color. It should reflect your most important brand trait. The accent color should convey another key element of your brand. It should also tie in with your base color and appeal to your audience. A neutral color ties your color palette together in a subtle way. These common background colors include shades of white, beige or gray.

Use the Color Wheel

The color wheel is made up of primary, secondary and tertiary colors. Primary colors stand alone, while secondary colors are made by mixing primary hues. Tertiary colors are created by mixing the two together.

Colors also represent emotions. Cool colors like blues, greens and purples convey feelings of calm and serenity. Warm colors such as reds, oranges and yellows, are tied to energy, action and vitality. Neutral colors like white, gray, brown and black represent innocence, maturity, nature and power.

Color schemes on the wheel include complementary colors which are two colors opposite one another. Analogous colors refer to three colors that sit next to each other. Triadic colors are three colors evenly spaced around the color wheel.   

Brand Personality and Color Link

Color is one tool marketers can use to convey a brand’s core message and purpose. A company with a fun personality may choose a vibrant and energetic color palette such as pink and yellow. A more serious and mature brand may go for blue and gray.

Industry Colors

Your industry can help determine the best colors for your brand. For instance, red has appetite-stimulation qualities and is a popular choice for restaurants and fast food chains.

Orange suggests fun and adventure and is a common color choice for hotels and travel companies. Yellow is associated with happiness and creativity and is often used in the children’s industry. Green symbolizes health and growth, while blue conveys security and trust.

Logo Design Characteristics

A good logo is unique, memorable, recognizable, appropriate, scalable, practical and simple. Colors have a big impact but so does the design itself. Figure out what you want your logo to express and the meaning you want it to convey. Then, start sketching! Logo design trends can give you some inspiration.

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