Traditional marketing tactics are tried and true. You can really get creative with Alternative advertising. This blanket term covers all advertising techniques outside of the usual digital and print methods. Think of creative advertising signs in unusual but high-traffic locations. Billboards aren’t the only option to gain access to a large audience! Here are a few popular methods of alternative advertising.

Conveniently Placed Alternative Advertising

We’ve all walked into a public bathroom stall only to be confronted with a door full of advertisements. It may seem odd, but placing ads in public restrooms and similar facilities is guaranteed to give you access to a wide audience. Restrooms are, for obvious reasons, high traffic areas. You can’t help but look at a poster hanging right next to the sink where you’re washing your hands, or that’s stuck to the only exit door.

Another popular location is on the sides of parking meters or telephone poles. Pedestrians are stationary while they wait on a corner to cross the street or slide quarters into a parking meter. It’s a good opportunity to reach an audience whose attention isn’t particularly divided. Billboards are often seen by drivers in motion, who of course won’t take their eyes off the road long enough to give your advertisement a good long look.

Video advertisements are especially engaging and will catch the attention of more passersby. In-store T.V.s, theater marquees, and screens found in sports stadiums are popular examples. This last option is also guaranteed to reach a huge audience, both in-person and at home if there’s good media coverage of the event. For that reason, it’s also the most expensive location on that list!


Get customers through the door. A popular method of alternative advertising is to place an unexpected item or statue outside a store’s entrance. This attracts the attention of passersby. Ever stroll along the boardwalk of a beach town? There are sure to be eye-catching displays and kooky souvenirs outside almost every shop. From a giant ice cream cone with googly eyes and a toothy smile to a mannequin dressed like a pirate for the perfect photo op, this form of alternative advertising is designed to grab the attention and interest of anyone who walks by.

Contests and Giveaways

If flashy isn’t your business’s style, a contest is a great way to advertise for your company. Offer a free coupon for a neighboring local business to anyone who makes a purchase or host a giveaway for your new product. Create excitement about what you have to offer and build relationships with customers. Even if some consumers don’t participate, you get your name out there promoting your special event. Increased brand recognition is a given with alternative advertising!

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