Engaging Content Marketing

Content marketing is one of the biggest opportunities for small businesses today. The challenge is to expand online reach and engage audiences beyond the standard “interruptive” advertising. To do that you have to create shareable content that is informative, entertaining and interesting.

Social media applications are a great way to create shareable digital experiences that invite customers and their friends to connect with your brand and build a relationship. Social media platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn provide mechanisms to distribute bite-sized content pieces perfect for capturing customer interest and building the engagement relationship. Daily Facebook postings will keep that interest alive while offering daily opportunities to share the posts with their network, thus expanding your reach. The value of marketing on social platforms like Facebook and LinkedIn is not only the size of the audience, but also the networked grid of connected consumers. They provide easy-to-use mechanisms that encourage consumers to both create content themselves, and share that content among their own network. It’s that sharing of content from person-to-person that makes social media marketing the power platform it is.

Here are 3 quick and easy ways engagement applications can be used to invite customers, friends and fans to create shareable brand-themed content.

Ask Fans to Vote

Voting allows your customers, friends and fans to have a say in your brand’s direction. I could be something as simple as helping choose name for the dog on your company logs, or as important as a theme for your next networking event. With engagement apps, fans can then cast and share their vote. The results, with added commentary and insight, can provide more content that fuels other branding opportunities and provides further insights into how the crowd thinks and feels about your brand. Outside Magazine taps social fans to pick the “Best Town to Live In” in annual campaigns that also feed valuable content for both their online and print media.

Ask Fans to Contribute Content

Asking for content contributions from fans makes them feel like a more essential part of a brand. Like voting, it too helps with brand development, as well as revealing potential additional service or product lines. You can ask fans to submit photos, videos, or other stories on a brand-related theme. For example, Virgin Mobile created a sixty second TV spot entirely from consumer contest videos. You could create a webpage on your site from contributed photos of fans wearing your product, before and after house painting pictures, or whatever fits with your brand.

Quiz Your Fans

Get your fans’ engagement by quizzing them. You can pose questions for which the answers are informative and useful, and themselves become shareable results. Quiz your audience on what they know about home heating oil. Is it flammable in a bucket? What color is it? What is BIO HEAT?

Remember that ultimately, your social media content should always map back to a broader brand story that is aligned to your brand’s fundamental story.

Trembling Giant Marketing, LLC has experienced brand development specialists in our business family that can help you use social media platforms to engage with your customers and their network of friends. Call today for a free consultation.


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