Brand Development

Trembling Giant fills a unique niche in that we have experienced brand development specialists in our business family who spent decades working with companies large and small to define and develop their company brands. Many people think that brand development is just a consistent look and feel, and more still think that branding is the consistent voice combined with that look and feel; the truth is so much more.

Brand development begins with who your business is at its core, and grows outward from there, your values, mission, vision, promise, differentiators, etc., before you should even begin to look at your colors or what your logo looks like. Your brand is a personification of your business. When someone talks about your business, do they talk about what you sell or do they talk about who you are? That’s the difference a good brand can make.

Call us at 410-925-2454 & we’ll talk about your brand over a cup of coffee; no obligations.

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