Creative Services

We’re a local, Carroll County, Marketing Company.

Professional creative services have never been more affordable and more within reach than they are with Trembling Giant. We specialize in brand development, public relations (such as social media), copywriting, graphic design, and illustration, in print and online. Our creative services partners can build solid brands and effective marketing plans to amplify your brand and bring your business to life. Our entire family of writers, graphic designers, developers, and marketers are all independent small businesses and are here, in central Maryland.

You don’t have to look far for the best creative services in Maryland, they are right here in your backyard.

Public Relations

Trembling Giant Marketing’s creative services providers for design are tailored to your needs. Looking for experienced website designers? We’ve got graphic designers who have years of experience designing for the web and know how to design an effective site. Perhaps you need a direct mail, advertisement, or other printed materials? We have designers with years of experience in design for printed media, from books, to brochures, to business cards. We have the talent with the experience tailored to your needs.

Perhaps you need strong public relations support for press releases, social media, presentation development, and community management? We have specialists with decades of professional writing and PR management experience, from journalists to Fortune 500 company PR directors, we meet your needs.

Professional Services

Trembling Giant Marketing also works with many local photographers, videographers, and illustrators to create visual content for your communications. Our creative services professionals have such diverse backgrounds, that we can align the right professional for your company’s established brand easily and effectively.

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