Designing a company logo should be a fun process. However, there are many mistakes people make along the way. The first rule is to keep your logo simple. If it’s too busy it will be distracting and send potential customers away. Here are some basic rules to follow that will ensure your logo design is at the top of its game!

What is a Logo?

A logo is used by an organization to identify its products and services. A logo generally involves symbols and stylized text that help people recognize your company. A good logo is simple, relevant, memorable, timeless, and versatile. These characteristics help ensure your company stands out in the crowd. A logo is your brand.

Common Logo Mistakes

Creating the right logo for your brand can be challenging. Here are some common mistakes to avoid when picking a design.

Choosing the Wrong Logo Colors

Don’t use colors in your logo that are irrelevant to your brand. You want people to be able to recognize your organization. A key mistake is to use colors that don’t appear anywhere in your brand identity. Your colors need to represent your brand personality.

Logo Tints and Shades Don’t Match

Colors don’t mix well if they have different saturations and values. Purer tones match much better when used together. Don’t combine richer colors with pastels.  Pick logo colors with similar saturation and value.

Too Many “Colors” is Distracting

Using too many colors in a logo is a big no-no. This mishap indicates you can’t decide what palette to go with. Your brand message is unclear and less likely to resonate with your target audience. Work with two or three colors that go well together.

Misusing Shapes and Symbols

These ‘containers’ can make your logo stand out, but only if they’re used correctly. The logo text will get lost in the excess space if the container is too big. If the space is too small, your logo will be boxed in. Using the wrong type of container detracts from your logo. Decide if a container visually enhances or takes away from it.

Poor Font Selection

It’s important to choose a font style that best resembles your brand story and purpose.

Using fonts that don’t match in a logo is a common mistake. Use no more than two types. The main font portrays your key message, like the company name. The secondary font is used to tell people what you do.

Wordy Logo Slogans

Your logo slogan should be quick, simple and to the point. Make it memorable. Tell people who you are, but keep it short and catchy.

DIY Logos

When business owners need something fast, they will often try to create a logo themselves. However, the DIY approach can result in an unprofessional design. It may destroy customer loyalty and won’t likely attract new ones. Have a professional designer create your logo.

Put Customers First

Your customer is your most important asset. Pick a logo that reflects their values and interests, not your own. The more you know about your customers, the easier it will be to develop an image that appeals to them.

Copying Logos

Don’t try to look like your competitors. It’s easy to fall into the trap of thinking if they are successful, why not copy them? Choose your own colors, shapes, icons, and fonts that set you apart from the rest. You don’t want to get lost in the crowd.

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