Digital Advertising

Digital Advertising

Digital advertising covers a huge range of marketing options. Here, we’ll outline just a few of our favorites!

Google AdWords:
This service ensures that your business’s ads are displayed when users search for the product or service you provide. When a consumer is looking to fill a need, your company will show up at the top of their list!

Facebook Campaigns:
This method allows you to choose the action customers will take based on your ad– Awareness, Consideration, or Conversion. Then, you’ll choose a target demographic, which can include your business’s custom audience. Next, build your ad from several different formats and design options! It’s a good idea to create multiple ads for the same campaign. Afterwards, Facebook allows you to track the success of your ads! Make adjustments as needed over time.

YouTube Advertising:
The average person is spending an increasing amount of time interacting with videos every day– especially through Youtube. The streaming service matches your ads to interested users and allows you to track the success of your campaign. Trembling Giant has the videography skills to bring your Youtube ads to their best possible impact!

Mobile Advertising:
Reach your target audience with the newest mobile device technology! This method allows you to create a virtual boundary (a geofence) around an area of interest, such as your business or the location of a related business, and people who enter that area will receive notifications based on your chosen ad campaign.

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Other Digital Advertising

All this and more– from email to the App Store, the Internet provides endless possibilities for advertising platforms. Whatever your target audience, we can help you engage it!

Our family of seasoned creative professional designers, writers, developers, and marketers live here in your neighborhood. When you work with Trembling Giant, you support the same small business community you live in. We bring the best independent services together, to do what they do best, and you get affordable marketing services that don’t compromise on quality.

Trembling Giant Marketing is based in Sykesville, Maryland, a main street community between Baltimore and Frederick in Carroll County, Maryland. We love working face-to-face with our clients as members of their community, but collaborate just as well from miles away.

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