Whether you’re a copywriting professional or a new small business owner, understanding some common advertising techniques is the key to use them effectively. Marketing can seem deceptively simple. Show a hungry consumer a picture of a juicy hamburger, name your price, and the sale is made. There’s more going on behind the scenes than the average ad audience might expect. Here are four of the most common advertising techniques!

Bandwagon Advertising Techniques

This popular advertising strategy encourages customers to invest in the product or service because many others are as well. It’s human instinct to avoid feeling “left out”. If a company can start a fad or trend, their sales are sure to skyrocket! Testifying that a large number of people purchased a product or service falls under the bandwagon technique. If millions of other families buy trampolines from this company, they must be on to something, right? Consciously or unconsciously, the decision to invest in a business can be greatly influenced by this mentality.

Shared Values

One way for a business to improve its relationship with an audience and build trust is through displaying a commitment to shared values. Think partnering with a children’s hospital, crafting a commercial featuring strong family values, or even sponsoring a Little League game. Align a business with its customers and create the feeling of a shared mentality. Think about the U.S. car commercials you see on T.V. Many emphasize traditional American values and patriotism by using the national anthem, colors, flag, or emphasizing the “brave explorer” persona. Viewers feel a kinship with the brand and want to be a part of that group or commitment.


Celebrity culture is a big deal in the U.S., and advertisements are no exception. An endorsement from a movie star or famous athlete at the very least draws a viewer’s attention to the ad and often increases their trust in the business. Many avid celebrity fans also buy a product because their idol uses it. Celebrities are frequent trend starters due to their popularity and visibility. If a novel was picked to be included in Reese Witherspoon’s book club or Robert Downey Jr. announced that he believes Under Armour would be Iron Man’s brand of choice, sales would receive a big boost.

Emotional Approach

Advertisements should always play to an audience’s emotions in some way. Of course, some techniques are more obvious than others. You know what your local animal shelter is doing when it shows you pictures of adorable kittens before asking for donations. But other ads can appeal to viewers’ emotions in a more subtle way. A commercial for a new grocery store might include statistics about their commitment to environmentally conscious packaging and locally sourced foods. They imply that by shopping at this store a customer will be supporting environmental preservation efforts. In contrast, failing to shop at this store means supporting less nature-friendly brands. A viewer wants to avoid the feeling of guilt and increase the positive emotions that come from shopping at an environmentally conscious store.

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