At Trembling Giant, we’re firm believers in the importance of physical marketing. While everyone getting caught up in content marketing is centered around doubling down on SEO and building social media communities, your business could still be in a position to benefit from direct mail marketing materials as well. Here are a few ideas you can use as a springboard to create effective mail marketing content.

QR Codes

Regardless of what you are trying to promote or sell, you should provide a call to action that allows your recipients to find out more information. A QR code is among the easiest calls to action to explore from the recipient’s perspective because all they have to do is pull out their phone camera and aim it at the unique pattern. From there, they are brought to a web destination of your choosing!


People are generally selective about the promotional content they receive in the mail, but most individuals do not object to a discount! Providing scheduled discount updates or coupons in the mail is a great way to prompt customers to return to your business. Alternatively, product samples are another great way to generate consumer interest. This is the more costly option of the two, but it can produce a great return!

Latest Announcements

The occasional mail update from your business is a great way to remind your customers that you care for them. At the same time, your mail updates are the perfect platform to keep your audience up to date with the latest products and services from your business.

Regardless of the direct mail marketing materials you end up deciding on, you should be sure to select something that provides a direct benefit to the customer. If you manage to accurately represent your brand with well-designed and beneficial content, your brand’s credibility will be conveyed, and you can expect a positive return on your latest direct mail campaign!

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